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Dessert Stands: Why There a Must for Holiday Dessert Tables

- Brandon Connolly

Dessert Stands Make All The Difference

Anyone that has ever planned a holiday party or get together knows that there are 2 main aspects you have to succeed at when putting together a dessert table. There's Food: which you work tirelessly on, trying to get the perfect desserts that are both visually appealing and delicious. And Display: every host wants to have their hard work complimented and the way to do that is by creating a layout of both desserts and decorations that friends and family will ooh and aah over.

While food is important and most people create delicious treats for their dessert tables, most fall flat on overall display. Stay away from those tacky holiday plastic trays or the boring glass enclosed cake stands, as they add no artistic appeal and sometimes take from how good the actual desserts are. One way to spruce up and dessert table is with eye appealing dessert stands. You might have some delicious peppermint chocolate chip brownies topped with white chocolate fudge that are to die for. But if they are  placed upon a Santa Claus cookie sheet from the 80's they might not get eaten or the appeal will affect the actual taste. However if you have the delicious peppermint chocolate chip brownies topped with white chocolate fudge covering over an elegant metal dessert stand with crystal draping, the brownies will not only look better but the  the overall appeal which includes taste will be improved. It is in our basic human nature to put things on our plate based on how they look, regardless of how it might taste. That's why it is important to match those amazing desserts with equally amazing dessert stands to ensure your treats are eaten and enjoyed by friends and family.

Most people when deciding on what to eat, first eat with their eyes making it vital to create an inviting table complete with elegant dessert stands for this holiday seasons dessert tables. So before you start setting up those holiday dessert tables, figure out a theme, and then find some dessert stands that match and will stand out and compliment your desserts.     

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