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Dessert Stands: Designs to Accent Your Cakes And Desserts

- Brandon Connolly

When creating a cake or dessert for a party or event you want the first instinct of every person there to be to eat with their eyes. However most cake designers ignore the dessert stand aspect of their display, in turn drawing attention away from the dessert, or giving it a cheap unfinished look. Having a dessert stand that accents the design on the cake is a necessity and will improve the overall look of your next display. Here are some examples of dessert stands that provide that perfect touch to all cakes and desserts.

10" Crystal-Draped Cake Stand | Gold | Sophia Collection by Amalfi Decor

Dessert Stand

3-Piece Glass Cake Stand Set | White | Victoria Collection by Amalfi Decor

wedding cake stands

12" Cake Stand | Silver | Victoria Collection by Amalfi Decor

Silver Dessert Stand

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