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Chandeliers in Unique Spaces

- Lauren Bowlin

Adding chandeliers to unique spaces in your home will elevate your home decor and style. Amalfi Decor has a chandelier for every space in the home, from kitchen islands to the the baby's nursery. Handcrafted from the finest materials, all of our crystal chandeliers are designed to accentuate your beautiful home decor and unique spaces. Today we discuss how to style your home's unique spaces with small chandeliers.


Soak in Style

Chandelier for Bathroom | Amalfi Decor

Madeleine Antique Crystal Plug-In Chandelier | 4 Lights | Silver


Ahh, imagine slipping into a warm, lavender bubble bath illuminated by crystals and soft lighting at the end of a long day. Set the tone for the most relaxing bubble baths by hanging a chandelier in your bathroom. Hang a small chandelier over top a freestanding bathtub (with 7 to 8 feet of clearance) or approximately 1 to 3 feet from the bathtub. If you are hanging above the bathtub, hang the chandelier centered for a traditional look or towards the foot of the tub for an artistic and asymmetrical look. Don't forget to add dimming switches!


A Regal Bedside

Beside Chandelier | Amalfi Decor

Madeleine Shabby Chic Crystal Plug-In Chandelier | 4 Lights | Silver

3-Piece Decorative Tray Set | Silver | Sophia Collection


Replace traditional bedside lamps with small chandeliers to create mood lighting and free up space on your beside table. Place a dimming switch at an accessible level to allow you to choose your level of lighting without having to step out of bed.


A Vanity Fit for a Queen

Vanity Chandelier | Amalfi Decor

Tiffany Beaded Crystal Plug-In Chandelier | 4 Lights | Silver

10" Crystal-Draped Cake Stand | Pink | Sophia Collection

Crystal-Draped 12.75" Hurricane Candle Holder | Silver | Victoria Collection


Small chandeliers add glow and glamour to vanity tables. A low-hanging chandelier will create soft lighting and a relaxing, yet lavish environment for powdering and primping. Hang a vanity chandelier slightly off-set, and not directly above the mirror to make your vanity table look like it is right out of a fairy tale.


Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Island Chandelier | Amalfi Decor

Madeleine Shabby Chic Crystal Plug-In Chandelier | 4 Lights | Silver


The heart of the entertainer's home is often the kitchen. Dress up your kitchen space while adding a conversation piece by switching from predictable pendant lighting to a crystal chandelier over your kitchen island. For a short or square kitchen island, center one chandelier for ambient lighting. Install two or more chandeliers for longer rectangle kitchen islands. The optimal spacing for a kitchen island chandelier is about 30 to 36 inches from the top of the counter to the bottom of the light fixture.


Dynamic Dining

Theresa Vintage Crystal Plug-In Chandelier | 4 Lights | White


Create a dynamic dining room with the addition of an overhead chandelier. Consider hanging two mid-sized chandeliers to amplify lighting in a darker room and to accommodate longer dining tables. Chandeliers can work wonders for small dining room spaces by engaging the focal point to the towards the ceiling, thus creating dimension and height.


A Sparkling Nursery

Nursery Chandelier | Amalfi Decor

Josephine Mini Crystal Beaded Plug-In Chandelier | 4 Lights | Pink & White


Styled baby nurseries are so in right now. Pick up a mini chandelier for your little one's whimsical nursery theme for just enough lighting and sparkle. Nursery chandeliers are so beautiful when placed adjacent to baby's changing table or in front of a draped window. Our Tiffany Beaded Crystal Chandelier was designed with your little prince or princess in mind! Are you expecting a bundle of joy? Browse our selection of nursery chandeliers to find the perfect nursery chandelier under $100.


How have you styled you home's unique spaces with chandeliers? We'd love to hear in the comments below!

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