Easter Brunch - Ashley's Dream Decor

Renewal of Nature

Table Scape / Wedding
By: Ashley • Ashley's Dream Decor

Spring is symbolic of renewal, growth, and birth. I love watching the earth transform from barren dead land to lush greenery full of life and blossoming flowers. Every spring I’m reminded of lives natural cycles. With every end starts a new beginning and the beginning is often the best part. Enjoy the inspiration of spring with a simple Easter table scape.

Used to style

Silver chandelier

Tulip floral arrangements in glass vases filled with dark brown bark

Pastel Easter eggs

Silver candle stand with miniature mossy nests

“Chocolate” bunny personalized place cards

Grass table runner and place mats

Silver decorative trays filled with moss, decretive eggs, and sporting flower arrangements

Freshly pressed carrot ginger juice

Amalfi Decor 3-piece silver decorative tray, silver orb crystal chandelier,

8-piece silver stand with 3 candle holders