Easy DIY (Last-minute) Halloween Décor Ideas

My fellow zombies and skeletons, ghosts and witches - Halloween is right around the corner once again!

For some people Halloween is just about getting candies, and for others just putting a costume on. But nothing makes Halloween merrier and scarier than a solid, gore, and made-out-of-horror-stories home décor.

How to Nail the Halloween Home Décor

Actually is not difficult, it’s as easy as ABC.

#A - It’s not what you do, but who you are doing it with

The most important part of the recipe for astonishing Halloween Décor is… (Drum rolls) … doing it with your loved ones!

#B – It’s not if you are doing it perfect, but if you are having fun

The second most important thing is to have fun! We always have those perfectionists in the family (in mine that’s me). Those that get the scary decorations so important that from time to time they forget that the only reason you are doing this is to have fun.

#C – It’s not exciting, unless it’s bloody or scary

It’s the only period of the year when blood and fear are cool. So let’s embrace them and celebrate Halloween the right way.

Get a Theme

It’s the most fun if you get to prepare a certain theme for your Halloween home décor. You can easily go with a haunted house, zombies and spiders’ invasion, or disturbing clowns. Also, you can get an endless amount of inspiration by all of the classic horror movies.

Image credit: Mike McCune

If you want to make a kid-friendly Halloween decorations you can still go with the same themes, but make sure that your ghosts have happy faces, there is (dimmed) light everywhere, and your scary sounds are not as loud and petrifying.


7 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations For Your Home

If you are late on preparing the Halloween home decorations for this year, I got you covered. The best thing is that not only all of the garlands below are super easy to make, but they also don’t require a lot of material and time.

#1 - Trick or Treat Welcome Message

Trick or treat message


  • Playing Cards
  • Black cloth (it can be from old t-shirt, towel, jeans, or just black paper)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Needle and a thread
  • Pen, chalk or anything that you can mark the cutting points with

Estimated time:

  • 30 minutes


Step 1. You need 14 cards turned on the backside.

Step 2. Two of them will need to be fully covered in black. These two cards will stand before and after the “or” in “trick OR treat”. Place the cloth above the cards and cut out. Then glue the cloth on the cards.

Step 3. Write the letters on the cloth with the chalk. Each letter will go on one card. Once you are done with this part, cut them off. Now glue them on the cards.

Step 4. Put the thread in the needle and make small holes on the left and right top of the card. With it make all of the cards come in one row. Leave some thread on both sides so you can put the message anywhere.


#2 - Bats & Rats Attack

Halloween decorations

Image credit HGTV


  • Self adhesive black paper (card box is also fine if you can color it black, but it is more difficult to cut and you will have to glue it)
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Needle and a thread (if you want to make the bat pendant)

Estimated time:

  • 2 minutes per bat/rat


Step 1. Draw the bat and the rat (or download an image from the internet).

Step 2.Cut the drawing and use it as a scheme to draw and cut out the rest of the bats and rats.

Step 3. Put them on the wall, ceiling, stairs, kitchen boards and everywhere your imagination will take you. For a special touch draw the rats houses too.


#3 - Scary Mason Jars

 scary mason jars


  • Mason jars
  • Glass paint (or any kind of coloring you have at home)
  • Candles

Estimated time:

  • 30 minutes


Step 1. Draw scary eyes and mouth to your mason jar.

Step 2. Color the rest of the jar and let it dry.

Step 3. Add the candle.


#4 - Spider Webs All Over The Place


Image credit: Dave Parker


  • Cotton, yarn or cheesecloth
  • Plastic spider additional

Estimated time:

  • 40 minutes


Step 1. Measure the size of the place you are going to place the webs. This can be a tree in your yard, an entrance door or behind the shower curtain.

Step 2. Check out here how to turn each of the materials (cotton, yarn or cheesecloth) into spider web.

Step 3. Add the spiders in their web.


#5 - Bloody Candles

bloody candles


  • Red candle
  • Candles in different colors
  • Lighter

Estimated time:

  • 5 minutes


Step 1. Light up the red candle.

Step 2. Once the wax starts to melt, place the red candle above the other candles (one at the time of course).

Step 3. For special touch place them in some of Amalfi’s gorgeous candleholders.


#6 - Bloody Hands Outbreak


  • Washable color (if you don’t own one and you don’t want to spend money, try ketchup)

Estimated time:

  • 5 minutes


Step 1. Color your hands

Step 2. Place them on towels, some of the doors and the shower curtain.


#7 - Creepy Ghosts

creepy ghosts

Image credit: Steph


  • Helium balloons with LED lights inside (or colored with glow-in-the-dark paint)
  • Cheesecloth
  • Black Paint
  • Yarn (or a ribbon, thread, etc.)
  • Rocks

Estimated time:

  • 10 minutes


Step 1. Draw a scary face on the cheesecloth.

Step 2. Blow the balloon and tie it with a piece of yarn. The bottom of the yarn should be tied for a rock or anything heavy that will keep the balloon on the ground.

Step 3. Put the cheesecloth over the balloon and tie it once more around the balloon. It should look like the balloon is a head, and it should have a long piece hanging after it is tied.


Halloween Is a Charmingly Scary Family Holiday

I recall loving Halloween as far as I can remember. Although not really sure of the reason, I believe it’s because of the fun it delivers between the ended happy summer days and the warm and cozy Christmas holidays that are yet to come.

It was just another devoted family moment when instead of loving, we could scare each other. Now that I am older absolutely nothing has changed. I always make sure I come home to prepare the decorations with my family and I love every bit of it.


Make Traditions Out of It

Holidays would be boring and easily forgettable without traditions. Don’t forget to make habits and rituals, because with that you also create family memories for you and your children.

In my family we make sure that every year each family member gets to choose one favorite decoration. The chosen ones get to decorate our home next year too.

Also, everyone needs to come up with at least one new idea for the upcoming one. If your idea gets through for the next year you get to go home with a symbolic gift. There is always a lot of fun in the nomination and the awarding.


Do you have some quick Halloween décor ideas? Share them with us in the comments bellow!