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Home Décor Trends For Autumn 2016

- Tamara Kostadinovska

Home Décor Trends For Autumn 2016

Golden leafs, chilly weather, hot tea, rosy cheeks, cashmere sweater, and comfy boots – the most enchanted season has surely arrived. If having it in your garden seems cozy, imagine transferring it in your home.
To find more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board here!

Why Change Your Décor Every Season

If you are a new homeowner and not yet a seasonal home décor addict you might ask this. And that is all right, we were all that way once. Well before we begin, here are reasons and myth busters why you should try it, why you will love it and how you will become one of us.

Seasonal Refreshing Doesn’t Require A Lot Of Money

Let’s get the air clear with the most common myth when it comes to seasonal décor renovation – It doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars.

By owning a few DIY supplies, few goods from the grocery store and some fallen leafs from your garden, you can have every year refreshed, new-looking autumn décor around your house.

Every Season You Will Get A New Looking Home

Just the way you would treat a relationship, putting continuous effort will be entertaining, pleasurable and will result in long-lasting appreciation towards your home.

Photo from our Pinterest inspiration board click here.

Décor Trends For Fall 2016

Are you a modern, contemporary, industrial, or a vintage style lover? The greatest thing this fall is that you don’t have to settle for something other than what you love. The autumn of 2016 offers trendy pieces in absolutely every style! Although it is super stretchy when it comes to styles 2016 it is not so flexible on colors. But oh boy, aren’t these colors just remarkable to “autumn” your home?


 Photo from our Pinterest inspiration board click here.

Inspired by the autumn in the countryside the rusty look hits the autumn trends once more. And it’s obvious why, right?

Special touch
If you have the time and nerves adding a DIY piece, then this part always adds a special touch to your home décor.

You will need a pumpkin, white spray (you can also leave the original pumpkin color) and some metal squares or cones.


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Regardless of the style of your home, golden decorations can fit nearly everywhere if well placed. And not only do they fit almost everywhere, but also give astonishing contrast in a combination with every color.

Special Touch
Personally, my favorite combination of gold is when mixed with black. They give me some luxury, powerful yet mysterious sensation. If you fully disagree then feel free to use any other color for that special touch.


Enough said, here is what you need for this super quick crafted decoration:

  • Vase (or jar, bottle, high glass)
  • Gold metallic spray (and any other color you wish)
  • Small branches
  • Rubber bands (or tape & thread)

If you are using two colors then spray the whole vase with the background color first (in my case black). Once done let it dry to avoid fingerprints. Then the rubber bands around the places where you would like to keep the black background. I added thinner and wider bands to give variance. After you have placed the rubber bands the way you want you can spray the gold.

Photo from our Pinterest inspiration board click here.

While you are waiting for the vase to get dry you can spray the branches. Once more this is a taste preference, but I like it better when the branches are sprayed from one side only and with just one layer of color.

As soon as everything is dry take the rubber bands out. When it looks the way you want it place the branches and the flowers in the vase and you are done with one more DIY decoration that costs almost no money.

#Rose Gold

Photo from our Pinterest inspiration board click here.

A little bit modern, but mainly English Country style, this feminine shade of gold will make your home look gentle and sleek.

Special touch
Oh this is easy. You need a Mason jar and rose gold metallic spray. From here on you can basically do anything and everything you can think of. You can just color the jar, put some flowers in it and you have a pretty vase. Or add napkins in it and serve it on the table. Use it for your toothbrushes in the bathroom maybe. Add stones or zircons on it. Leave some dots unpainted and put a candle in it. Get your creativity working.


If you are the simplistic, pure soul that loves seasonal freshening as long as everything stays silky and spotless then I figured out something for you too. With white being my favorite color I am lucky to always be able to find pieces I love and just color them white. Fortunately, Amalfi Décor has amazing sections with white décor and you can check them out here.

Photo from our Pinterest inspiration board click here.

Special Touch
One more gorgeous looking painted pumpkin. Get a pumpkin, paint it white, add rhinestones and that’s it. You have inexpensive but luxury looking DIY decoration.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy The Autumn

Before you blink it’s going to be winter again. And although every season brings it’s own beauty and charm, most probably these are the last warm-ish days of this year.

Now that your home is revitalized and autumn styled, you are ready to wrap your hands around a hot cocoa or hot apple cider beside the fireplace, enjoy the walks in the golden woods, bake cookies and pies, hold hands with someone you love and get cozy.

We do not own the right to all of these photos, some are taken from our inspiration Pinterest board found here.

Are you a seasonal décor addict? Would you add anything to this year’s autumn trends? Let us know in the comments bellow!

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