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How to Set Your Table for Easter

- Lauren Bowlin

Spring has officially sprung and Easter is already here! We've pieced together a few bright springtime inspirations for your upcoming Easter celebrations. It's always easy to decorate your Easter Brunch table with Amalfi Decor. Our dessert stands, colorful cake stands, and new 3-piece set of candle holders are sure to impress your guests and show your springtime holiday spirit. 


 We've set our pre-dinner and dessert tables for the Easter holiday. You can recreate these looks for your own celebrations by shopping at Amalfi Decor- and don't forget about our anniversary special: FREE SHIPPING!

Easter Pre-Dinner

Set your Easter table with a candelabra (available in hand painted gold and silver), crystal-draped hurricane candle holders (available in hand painted in white, gold, silver) and 3-piece pillar candle holders (available in hand painted gold and silver).

Add greenery to your Easter table decor for a natural touch.

Have fun with your Easter home decor by finding unique displays. We used gold hurricane candle holders to display colored grass and eggs!

 Gathered, multi-level candle holders can become interesting centerpieces for any dining room table.

Don't forget to have fun with your Spring table decor! We used patches of faux grass for place mats, bunny napkin folds (you'll find DIY directions below), and Easter egg place cards. 

Bunny napkin folds and Easter egg place cards really bring together the spring decor theme.

DIY: Bunny Napkin Folds

What you’ll need:

·       Napkin

·       Iron

·       Ribbon


Follow these steps along with the YouTube video to create your bunny napkin.

1.     Fold your napkin into thirds.

2.     Iron the folds of your napkin.

3.     Fold both ends of the napkin at 45-degree angles to create a pentagon.

4.     Iron the folds of your napkin again.

5.     Fold the ends of the non-pointed end to create a diamond shape.

6.     Iron the folds of your napkin again.

7.     Fold the two side ends of your diamond inward to create a “kite”.

8.     Fold the two ends you just folded inward again.

9.     Wrap your ribbon around the napkin and tie a bow.

10.   Turn the napkin over and fold the end that does not have bunny ears inward over the bow tie

11.   Now set your bunny up on the flat end and fluff the ears.


What a cute little bunny!


Watch the video here:


 Easter Dessert Table

Our second look is a fun and festive display of Easter treats suitable for any age. Your guests will love picking Peeps from hurricane candle holders and will get a kick out of hidden eggs.

Your guests will love finding eggs tucked away in creative spaces like the nook of candle holders or nestled under a cake stand.

Peeps have become an Easter staple and they are so fun to decorate with. How do you use Peeps in your Easter decorations?

Pastel cake stands and pink chandeliers- We have everything you will need for Easter dinner and springtime entertaining! Shop our Spring Time Essentials to find the perfect spring look.


We hope you found some great inspiration for decorating your Easter tables! Happy Easter from Amalfi Decor.

What are your favorite Easter Table Decorations? We'd love to hear in the comments below!

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