Style Your Next Party with Amalfi Decor

Garden Themed wedding dessert table with Amalfi Decor cake stands

It’s time you enchant your party with elegance. Weather you're planning your wedding, birthday party, soiree, or, shindig- your guests will want to pose while they eat their delicious desserts. If you're looking to host an event to impress, you've come to the right place! Amalfi Decor has everything you need to style the perfect party: gorgeous crystal chandeliers to create the perfect ambiance, elegant cake stands to display a variety of desserts, one-of-a-kind cupcake stands, and candle holders to create charming centerpieces at your guest's tables. We've partnered with The Palace San Pedro by Kis EventsBizzie Bee Creations and Critics Choice Catering to bring you this gorgeous styled shoot.
Amalfi Decor Centerpieces
Flowers were accented for a fresh feel, that is easy to add to desserts and surroundings.
12.75 Inch Crystal-Draped Antique Glass Hurricane Candle Holder (Silver) by amalfi decor

We used our Hurricane Candle Holder as a charming display of cake pops.


wedding chargers styled by bizzie bee creations event planner

Enhance the elegance in your table set up by adding a napkin broach. Roast some peaches to add to your mixed greens to give your guests pallets a twist in a savory and sweet salad.


Garden wedding centerpiece with cake stand and candle holder by amalfi decor

Here’s an easy DIY hack: Use our cake stand and candlestick holder to display gorgeous wedding florals.


Garden Wedding theme silver cupcake dessert stand by Amalfi Decor on a dessert table

Don't limit yourself to how you display your cupcake holder dessert stand. A beautiful jewelry box can double as a pedestal to add height to your dessert table.


Garden Theme wedding dessert table by bizzie bee creations and Amalfi Decor

Let those fairies find their way with our 3 Piece LED Cake Stand Set. Did the music get a faster beat? Press the light button again to see the different flashing settings. There's 3 to choose from!

Styling Tips: 

  • We added edible silver shimmer to Krispy Kreme Donuts to make plain donuts look too expensive to eat!
  • No need for the traditional tiered cake. We split up our tiers and added cake contrast.
  • Don’t be scared to add a unique twist to your display, our chandeliers will set the tone for charming, whimsical and most of all, beauty.

    silver edible shimmer on krispy kreme donuts on amalfi decor cake stand

    Garden Theme wedding naked cake with cake pops on a dessert table with cake stands by Amalfi Decor

    Amalfi Decor table setting wedding garden themed with bizze bee

    Amalfi Decor Garden theme wedding cake stand table setting

    Garden theme wedding table set up and dessert table by Amalfi Decor and Bizzie Bee CreationsLED cake stand set by Amalfi Decor for a Garden Themed wedding