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The 7 Home Decor Trends You Need in 2017

- Lauren Bowlin
The New Year is upon us and 2017 is the year of transformation. We are excited to announce our new line of Luna Orb Chandeliers! Choose from Luna Contemporary 4-light Crystal Orb Chandeliers in black, silver, and gold finish or indulge in a little more sparkle with our Luna 5-light Crystal Beaded Chandelier. See our entire Luna Orb Chandelier collection here. Amalfi Décor invites you to ring in 2017 with 7 of our favorite must have home décor trends.

1. Orb Chandeliers

Amalfi Decor Orb Chandelier(image by Amalfi Decor)

Orb Chandeliers are ruling 2017 with a sophisticated, elegant edge. Transform an outdated dining room or create a modern elegance in your foyer. Contemporary, yet classic these orb chandeliers will be the conversation piece at your next gathering or event. 

2. White and Gold

Amalfi Gold Hurricane Candleholder and White Decorative Tray(image by Amalfi Decor)

The gold and white color palate is here predicted to stay in 2017 and for the next few years. The duo makes the perfect canvas for nearly every personal style. Accent color choices are endless and can be ever changing with each season. Touches of earth tones and the addition of textures can soften starkness associated with white.

3. Jewel Tones

(image by designsponge)
2017 is the Year of Color. Jewel tones like rich violets, indulgent indigos, and energizing shades of emerald can bring life into your home this year. Choose a single wall color, statement armchairs, or keep it minimal with pops of color from colored linen napkins.

 4. Mixed Metals

2017 Home Decor Trends; Mixing Metals(image by Amalfi Decor)

Don't be afraid of mixing metals! We love rose gold, champagne, gold, and silver. These precious metals have their place throughout the home but remember to keep it simple. Our Sophia Collection decorative trays are a versatile way to add a metallic to any room; spruce up your nightstand, place one on your coffee table to house candles and coasters, redefine your dresser space, or create a trendy sugar and coffee station in the kitchen for 2017.

5. Agate Stones

(image by notonthehighstreet)

Agate Stones are rocking 2017. Agate stones are everywhere right now if you haven't noticed. Place a raw stone on your dresser, replace drab knobs on your old dresser with agate knobs, or use gilded agate slices as coasters. Agates have been around for quite some time but don’t expect this trend to stick around in the design world for too long.

6. Navy Is The New Black

(image by apartment34)

Did you say Orange is the New Black? Nope. 2017 is navy's year and we think Piper would agree. Navy can boldly anchor a room without bringing down the room’s energy. Switch out your black accents for navy and you'll be ahead of the curve. Navy bedding, throws, and rugs are a great place to start. 

7. Contemporary Nature

(image by Amalfi Decor)

Create a harmony between urban metallics and organics. Butterfly art is fluttering into 2017; the butterfly represents endurance, change, hope and life. Consider incorporating real plants to create an organic living space. There are hundreds of varieties of indoor houseplants that require minimal maintenance. Succulents and air plants reduce carbon dioxide levels and purify the air, leaving you feeling energized and refreshed.
What are your favorite 2017 decor trends? Let us know in the comments below!

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