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Amalfi Decor's Ultimate Guide On How to Create a Princess Birthday Party

- Tamara Kostadinovska

Every kid deserves to have the birthday party of their dreams. Kingdom with royalties, superheroes, pirates, cowboys, unicorns, pets that fly, and toys that talk - children’s imagination can be endless and bring us to magical worlds we have forgotten.

Fortunately, once a year, at least for a day we can let them be whatever they want. So, if your daughter wishes to be a princess, then princess she shall be.

Disregarding your birthday budget and the time you have, below I offer you the ultimate guide on how to create Princess Birthday Party. On you is if you will DIY all of the details or ask for some help.

Let’s get started!

To find more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board here!

Photos from Julias Cake Stand Rentals

The invitations are where it all starts. Depending on your resources you can buy, make one simply in Word or write them and decorate them together with your princess.

Special Touch:
No matter what you choose for, you can add a special, personal touch by spraying them with perfume, leaving a pink princess kiss or gluing little rhinestones.

While the decorations seem to be the most difficult and time consuming part according to many moms, I think it’s the most fun part and definitely doesn’t have to take a lot of your precious time.


Photo from our Pinterest inspiration board click here.

There is no party without balloons. All you need is 10-50 balloons (depending on the size of the party) in your daughter’s favorite colors. If possible and in your budget, get the helium ones so you can attach them to the ceiling or let them float in your garden.

Special Touch:
Buy few meters of ribbon. Cut the ribbon in the middle to create two ribbons (if thick enough, feel free to cut as many as you can). Now, attach it to the balloons. Add few of the balloons together like a bouquet, place a bow at the bottom where they gather, and put them in the corners of the food table.

You can also create small bracelet at the bottom so the Princess can wear the balloon on her hand.

Table Cloth

Photo from our Pinterest inspiration board click here.

Every princess’ table needs a tablecloth. Initially because of aesthetics reasons of course, but also for all of those drinks and chips spilled on the table. Speaking of the practical reasons, you need something plastic and you should be able to find it in the local store.

Special Touch:
If you have left from the ribbon and the rhinestones, you can easily glue the ribbon on the edges of the cloth and glue rhinestones on it.

Hanging Messages

The hanging messages were my personal savior when I was organizing my niece’s princess birthday party. I used them as decoration + game and they ended up being the most amazing birthday gift and memory for her.

All you need is:

- Paper cake plates (with princesses of course)
- Colored paper and a pen
- Ribbon or a thread
- Masking tape

Cut the plates in a shape that leaves only the circle at the bottom where the princess image is. On the backside write different messages and wishes for your princess.

Special Touch
The idea is that all of the attendees will write a message for the birthday girl. Once done, they will be put on a ribbon or a thread. The last part is adding the thread or ribbon on the ceiling with a masking tape.

Depending on the children’s age you can cut the shapes and write the messages as they narrate them to you, or let them cut the paper themselves and write the messages with different crayons. The colored paper together with the paper cake plates looks extremely cute.

Cupcake Stand

Every princess needs a high tea table. And nothing makes a high tea table better than cupcakes displayed on a gorgeous stand.

The best thing is that the cupcake stands not only make the food table look stunning, they also provide food that every princess and superhero likes.


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Photo from our Pinterest inspiration board click here.

Trust me, cupcakes are essential for every birthday party. And you have so many options – healthy, low fat, gluten free, lactose free, with chocolate chips, with fruit flavor, you name it and I bet there is a recipe for it.

If you are not a fan of cooking, then you can just buy a cupcake mix at the grocery store and enhance it with simple whipped cream. On the other hand, if you love spending time in the kitchen then you can enrich the cupcakes with flowers, bows, hearts, the letters of your birthday girl and what not.

And the greatest thing is – adults love them too! If you have some other parents, friends or family over, then the cupcakes will feed them all. In this case, just make sure you have enough.

Pink Gummy Bears On A Stick

This is a super easy to prepare, lovely looking “food” that all of the children will enjoy. As the name says it, you will need gummy bears and sticks. You can go with your daughter’s favorite gummy bears or her favorite color. Just take the stick and add the gummy bears on them like you would do it for the grill.

If you want a healthy version than you can put pieces of different fruits instead.

Pink Popsicles

Photo from our Pinterest inspiration board click here.

Once more, the color can be any. This princess’ food requires popsicle shape and lemonade in the color you want to make the popsicles in. Put the lemonade in the shape, freeze it, and voila! You have popsicles.

If you want a healthy version then squeeze juice (of any fruit with the desired color) and add a little bit of lime juice in it. As an addition you can put pieces of fruit.

Marshmallow Pops

Photo from our Pinterest inspiration board click here.

You can rarely find a kid that doesn’t like marshmallows, which makes them great birthday food.



Photo from our Pinterest inspiration board click here.

If you go for a store cake then I don’t have a lot of saying there. You can still give a personal touch by adding pictures of your princess on the dessert stand.
But if you decide on making it by yourself then just make your princess’ favorite filling with a tiara on top. Also, you can get a Barbie and make the cake around her legs so it comes as a Barbie dress.


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Children can be a very tough crowd to please. So you better start on the right foot.

Make Crowns

Photo from our Pinterest inspiration board click here.

For this grand gesture, you will need a cart box, but just normal paper will do the thing as well. Draw a simple crown and cut it out. Use that crown as a template and make the rest.

Prepare Drawing Spot

You can use a small table, the dining table or the floor for this. Make sure that you have covered everything that can get permanently damaged. Also, there have to be enough crayons so they don’t fight over colors. If you can find a self-gluing paper or stickers you will be the best mom in the world!

Crown Them As They Enter

As they enter the party, top this majestic moment by handling them a crown that they will have to color and beautify themselves. Then appoint them to the drawing spot.

Music Their Way In

Even we (the grown ones) dream that every entrance we make gets escorted with music. Also, what’s for a celebration if there is no music? Have all of the kids’ songs so as the grown-up hits they like, make a dance floor and let the royal party begin!

We do not own the right to all of these photos, some are taken from our inspiration Pinterest board found here.

Was the ultimate guideline helpful? Please share your experience with birthday parties below.

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