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Unforgettably Delicious & Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

- Tamara Kostadinovska

Thanksgiving is the starting point of the “gaining weight to survive the winter“ period. Honestly, as a healthy eater this is my least favorite part of the year. On the other hand, as a “family above all” type of person, I cannot love any other season more.


If you are in any case like me - whether because of a healthy lifestyle, or maybe because of a diet for a special event, or even just to keep that stunning summer body you made - then Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be an excuse for anything!


Healthy Thanksgiving Appetizer


There are different healthy appetizers you can provide on your Thanksgiving table. However, nothing warms up the stomach and the atmosphere better as a good, nourishing pumpkin soup.

Pumpkin soup

The pumpkins are easy to be found in this period of the year and if you have any uncut left from the Halloween then this is the perfect moment to use it. In case you have pumpkin butter instead you can use this too in the place of the flesh.




1 tbsp.

olive oil

1 pcs

chopped onion

1 kg

chopped pumpkin flesh

1 pcs


3 springs

fresh rosemary

4 cups

chicken or vegetable stock

3 leaves


1 cup

skim milk powder


pumpkin soup




Step 1

Heat olive oil and cook the onion without browning it.

Step 2

Add pumpkin, carrot and rosemary. Stir for 2-3 minutes.

Step 3

Add stock (vegetable if vegetarian) and bay leaves.

Step 4

Once boiling, cover and simmer until pumpkin and carrot are soft.

Step 5

Remove rosemary and bay leaves.

Step 6

Blend 1/3 of the soup together with 1/3 of the skim milk. Once done, put it on the side.

Step 7

Do step 6 with the rest of the soup and the milk.

Step 8

When everything is mixed, put it all in the saucepan, heat it up and serve.


Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner


Luckily for all of us the turkey meat is healthy as it is. Important tip is however, to eat the breast as the dark meat contains more calories.


As the best healthy Thanksgiving dinner recipe I found this diabetic appropriate, lactose- and gluten-free, heart healthy, and low on calories and carbohydrates herb-roasted turkey recipe.

thanksgiving healthy turkey


Honestly, this turkey looks remarkable and tastes delightful. As my partner would say “a dinner to be truly thankful for”!


It can get even better if you place it on some of the decoration stands we offer.



Healthy Thanksgiving Dessert


Chocolate Brownies Recipe


If you are anything like me, then dessert is only the food that contains chocolate. Although maybe chocolate and healthy food doesn’t seem to go together, I do have the recipe that will prove you wrong.


healthy brownies thanksgiving 

Cranberry-Lime Cheesecake Recipe

If, on the other hand, you like your dessert fruity then this is a perfect season for pears, pumpkins and cranberries. This time I chose the most delicious cheesecake I have ever tried and I highly recommend it for your Thanksgiving dinner table. Make it even prettier by putting it on some stunning cake stands.



Healthy Thanksgiving Drink


Family and other types of social gatherings are usually the place where people that have specific healthy diets have to stay awkwardly on the side while drinking their water with a straw. Recognize yourself? Not this year!


Let me introduce you to Mrs. Poinsettia, or as I call her “the allowed cocktail”.

 poinsettia cocktail

Image credit:


Just mix the ingredients and pour them into nice champagne flutes. Decorate them with slice of orange or some cranberry. The recipe is enough for 8-9 glasses.




2 cups

Cranberry juice (chilled)

1 cup

Cointreau (or some less sweet rum-based liquor)

1 bottle

Prosecco (champagne or other fizzy drink)


Don’t Forget To Be Thankful


At the end of the day, remember to be thankful for your family, friends, good food and good life, even if that means gaining a pound or two.


What is your favorite healthy Thanksgiving recipe? Let us know what we miss in the comments below.


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