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Chandeliers: What to consider when choosing chandeliers

- Maria Papageorge

What to consider when choosing CHANDELIERS

Why Chandeliers

Chandeliers have always carried this stigma that they are meant for grand ballrooms or entryways with vaulted ceilings. However, if you chose the right chandelier it can be just what that one room in your house needs to feel completed.  A chandelier can take a dull space and give it just enough of that elegant touch you are looking for to really bring a space together. 

Amalfi Decor White Crystal Swag Chandelier

 Amalfi Decor | 4-Light White Crystal Chandelier


Choosing The Room

The first step in this process is deciding on what room you will be installing a chandelier in. This will help you decide what size chandelier you will need. Living rooms tend to have the larger chandeliers while a bathroom will usually require a mini sized chandelier. For this example, we're going to choose a bathroom as it is the most under utilized spot for a chandelier. Well also say this bathroom is a modern full-size bathroom with one main lighting fixture. So now that we have the room and the placement of the chandelier, whats the next step?

Amalfi Decor Silver Crystal Beaded Swag Chandelier

Amalfi Decor | Mini Beaded Silver Crystal Chandelier



Now, color is probably one of the most important decisions as it will be the focal point when people walk into your bathroom. It's best to match the colors either to your walls, floors, or vanity. If you have abstract colors or multi-colored bathrooms then it is best to choose a color for your chandelier that will accent these colors. For a darker bathroom, a gold chandelier or silver chandelier really completes the rustic aura of that room. For a lighter bathroom, it is best to go with a pink or white chandelier that will really add to the bright open air feel of your bathroom. But as with all home decor it is up to you and your overall design as to what color you will choose. Below are two Examples of chandeliers perfect for a small space, from Amalfi Decor.

Pink Crystal Chandelier Amalfi Decor

Amalfi Decor | Pink Crystal Chandelier


The best Materials when looking for a chandelier are to first make sure it is of a sturdy metal such as iron or steel. Plastic or synthetic materials are noticeably flimsy and cheap and will not last long. You will also want to make sure that the chandelier chain is of a sturdy material if you decide not to do hard wiring through the ceiling. The part of the chandelier should also be of a quality material although this part of a chandelier can normally be plastic, so it is more important that this part not bend or take away from the lights that go inside. And most importantly for quality control on a chandelier is the crystal quality. Although cheap glass material may look similar, when the chandelier is lit it makes a world of a difference when you compare glass to real crystals. When trying to decide on the quality of a crystal, just hold up one of the crystals to a light and if it is very clear and heavy it is more than likely real. The best way to Hang a chandelier.

Amalfi Decor Authentic Chandelier Glass Crystals K9

Final Steps

So now you have the perfect chandelier and you know where exactly you want to hang it. Now there are two options for installation, you can either install a hook into the ceiling and hang the chandelier at your preferred height from the chain that most come with. Or you can have it hard wired into the ceiling through a matching ceiling plate, which looks best. The hard wire option creates a more elegant look as the chain route gives a more old-fashioned appeal. 

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