The Story of Amalfi Décor: Past, Present and Future

Amalfi Décor was founded with a goal to create products that allow people to Live & Celebrate in Style. Celebrations are how we mark the special moments in our lives. At Amalfi Décor, we understand how memories are created, and how much the details matter when you’re preparing for an event. Our business is committed to creating the products that bring all those small details to life.

We help you create those moments with a vast array of products that reflect both your personality and the latest design trends. Every event is unique—and our versatile pieces will help you move between party themes and styles with ease, as well as the confidence that you’ll achieve the perfect look. While our dessert stands are our signature items, we offer hundreds of products that embellish and enhance your event experiences. Whether you’re celebrating the birth of a child, a marriage, a birthday, a graduation or a ‘just because‘ kind of party, we’ve thought of and created all the décor elements you need to style the perfect ambiance.

Amalfi Decor Cake Stand

Product shown: 12 Inch Round Modern Metal Cake Stand (White)

Celebrating 4 Years

In less than 4 years, Amalfi Décor has grown to become an industry leader. With offices and operation in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Taiwan, and China, we are proud to say we are one of the largest dessert stand brands in the world. We now offer over 100 cake stands and are quickly growing. We haven’t stopped there. Our product lines include decorative and serving trays, candle holder centerpieces, and lighting. We’re dedicated to quality, fine craftsmanship, and providing items to enhance any celebration or home improvement project.

Amalfi Decor Headquarters Gardena, CA

Headquarters Gardena, CA: Our business operates out of a 20,000 square foot facility in Los Angeles County

Today, our business operates out of a 20,000 square foot warehouse in Gardena, California. We are a team of over 25 employees committed to perfecting the art of event and celebration décor. Because each one of us has experienced the effects of décor on our own special life events first-hand, we understand the importance of well-designed and quality-manufactured products for those special moments that you’ll remember forever. We come in to work every day with the intention to ensure that we can deliver our best. As our company continues to grow, we strive to keep our small business mindset: attention to every detail on every product, personalized customer service and a desire to hear your stories.

Amalfi Decor Warehouse

Warehouse Operations: All products are stored and shipped out of our Gardena facility. All our online orders have an average processing time of one business day

The Factory: Est. 1999

Our factory has been turning lighting and décor designs into quality products for over 20 years. We’ve mastered the process. Every Amalfi Décor design is crafted, assembled and packaged with utter care and attention to detail in our Shenzhen, China factory. We know this because operate out of a 200,000 square foot facility where all of our manufacturing takes place. Having complete control over production allows us to ensure that each and every one of our products is crafted with a great deal of attention to even the most nuanced detail.

Amalfi Decor Factory

Our facility located in Shenzhen, China has over 160,000 sq. ft of space along with decades of specialized experience in the making

Our obsessive loyalty to quality extends to our environment, our customers and our employees. Our factory's production process are designed with sustainability and eco-awareness in mind. We believe that the satisfaction of our factory's workers is one of our biggest assets as a business. Our factory managers work hard to ensure that their employees are respected and given a fair wage, safe working hours and conditions, on-campus housing, daily meals and the opportunity for growth and advancement. Our commitment to ethical business practices is also shared with our customers. All Amalfi Décor products are FDA Certified as food safe. The materials used in the production of our pieces are food-safe, BPA-free, latex-free and phthalate-free.

Amalfi Decor FDA Certified Food Grade Paint

Our products consist of many small components. This shows the process of our components drying after being painted with our FDA-Certified food safe paint

In a business environment that puts pressure on designers to prioritize speed over all else, we choose to remain committed to our craft. For the past four years, Amalfi Décor debunked, over and over again, the myth that efficiency and quality craftsmanship don’t coincide—simply, in our world, they do. Our brand was built with the belief that there is no greater TLC than that provided by an artisan’s hands. We take pride that each one of our designs incorporates handcrafted elements—our metals are crafted into shape by the hands of our factory professionals, our crystals are strung together and beaded by hand, our pieces are finished off with the hand-strokes of each of our artisan-painters to give off our signature distressed style.

Factory Hand Made Cake Stands

 Hand-Crafted: Our specialists can be seen hand-beading each glass crystal piece-by-piece. Our dessert stands, chandeliers, and candle holders feature handmade crystals

We stay committed to the belief that quality craftsmanship is the most important unique value proposition. Our products perform better because they are created differently. Our craftsmen pour their passions and love of artistry into the creation of each design, and it shows. When our items are on display, they provide a note of hand-crafted luxury, no matter where the placement. The details make the difference.

CS301VG Product Drawing SketchAmalfi Decor Antique 3 Pillar Crystal-Draped Hurricane Centerpiece Original Drawing

In-house concept sketches for one of our signature cake stand designs, as well as our antique-style floral centerpiece dated July 2014. Both of these styles still remain our best sellers today

Our Design Philosophy

Our products are all designed in-house and are often inspired by ancient European architecture and décor. Amalfi Décor was named after the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The medieval Roman Catholic Cathedral, Duomo di Amalfi, located in the Amalfi Coast, has inspired many of our patterns and designs. Built during the 9th Century, the Amalfi Cathedral features a delicate intricacy in architecture that we look up to for our own design standards.

Amalfi Cathedral Architecture

Amalfi Cathedral's romanesque-baroque style architecture has inspired the frame patterns in many of our cake stands and décor

In addition to beautiful design, we believe in making things that last. Our quality control is unparalleled. Each of our products is crafted by hand to ensure impeccable usability. For us, décor products are only as beautiful as their quality, and ours are created in-house and adhering to our standards.

And our work will never stop. As our business continues to grow, we are on a constant search to learn and implement new strategies, methods and processes that improve and enhance each person and place that we touch with our designs.